Saturday, February 10, 2007

Horse sense &Sensitivity- Painting Day

Jacksonville Episcopal High School requires all of their students to do some form of community service each semester. This morning Horse Sense and Sensitivity , (a local organization that provides therapeutic horse back riding for kids with disabilities) had a painting day and the Episcopal Lacross team came in mass. As can be expected when you get a bunch of teenage boys together on a Saturday morning with white paint and was interesting. Let me say what a great group of kids they were. They worked hard (actually getting most of the paint on the fences) and there was absolutely NO complaining. It was really refreshing to watch when so much of what you see in the news is just the opposite. Keeping HS&S operating of great personal satisfaction but more importantly it provides an incredible service. When you can take a child that has to spend most of their time at wheel chair level and allow them the feeling of getting up on a horse and being taller than everyone else.....well, thats something special. Today these boys did a good thing. They helped maintain a facility that is in my opinion one of the more important ones in North Florida.

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