Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Class Reunion

Well, it's that time of year again......class reunion time. Our Vet School class (1986) has every 5 years done a reunion cruise. We went this year on The Sovereign of the Seas to the Bahamas. (Photo link)The home of white sandy beaches, the Straw market and way to many sweaty people trying to braid any hair on your body. Needless to say ...I was a challenge. We had quite a few members from our class come back from all over the U.S. . It always amazes me how little people change, or to be more realistic how bad my memory is. Most people dred reunions, except this group. We had a truely close class that worked well together and played REALLY hard. Volleyball at the Ag pavillion, Block seating at the Gator games, Beer fests at "The Red Lion, "the Purple Porpoise and Nichols alley. From all we did in the islands it was obvious that nothing has changed. Theres one thing to know about Nassau....get out of there, take a cab or boat to another part of the island and your trip will be much more enjoyable. We went to Cable beach ( where the 1st trans-atlantic cable crossed) and while it's still over developed we were able to rent a boat ($25/person) and go out to the reef for a really good snorkling trip. I've been diving all over the planet and this was way better than I expected. As an aside...there are really good pina-coladas
at the casino pool bar ( the twin Brothers lounge is the best but I couldn't find it this trip). While Beth and the kids shopped at the straw market I had a few cold ones with one of my old Professors Dr. Gary Ellison at Senor Frogs. A great view of Nassau harbor , good music, cool breezes and a pretty fair....counterfeit cuban cigar. Not a bad day in all. We spent most nights somewhere on the back of the boat catching up on friends we haven't seen in along time....those ones that you were sure you would stay in touch with. Looking at photo's and talking about the "Anal Sac" ( an underground newspaper from the Vet School that nearly got some "un-named" students kicked out). What a great time to be in school.....I was told recently that theres no place in academics for people like me any more. Maybe thats not a bad thing....and maybe it is. It is hard to get my head around the fact that I've been out of school for 20 years, but as my partner "Dr. Dick" Nancarrow is fond of saying...."life's like a roll of toilet paper....the closer you get to the end, the faster it spins". Amen brother!
(Mac rock climbing or falling)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The St. Louis Zoo

I was in St louis this past weekend for my wifes cousin Tim's wedding. I had the chance to tour the St Louis Zoo. It is actually a good comparison with our own Zoo here in Jacksonville . The Veterinary Hospital compares well with our own, the biggest difference is the amount of space devoted to study and Residents. I actually think the equipment is better in the Jax Zoo. The St Louis Zoo is situated on 90 acres and they do a great job of utilizing that space. The Jax Zoo has more areas that use the modern planning methods so you will see more open spaces in Jacksonville. The St Louis Zoo has been voted the # 1 Zoo in America by Zagats and I think it's close between St, Louis, San Diego and Philidelphia......with Jacksonville closing fast.