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He wants the White House Now....the video

My brother Doug must have way to much time on his hands. He put together a political video take off of Brother where art thou. I think it's really funny.....good voice to.

Asteroid tracking...accurately.

It appears that we have gotten much better at predicting when and where asteroids will impact on the Earth. A fairly large one just exploded over the Sudan recently and it was tracked and the impact was predicted by experts and several amateurs as well. From the Honolulu Star Bulletin
Asteroids routinely hit the Earth's atmosphere but the impact by one over northern Africa Monday was the first time astronomers saw one coming and accurately predicted the time and place it would hit, a University of Hawaii astronomer said yesterday.That successful prediction bodes well for a Maui-based system in development to warn against potentially hazardous space rocks, David Tholen said.The impact occurred at 4:46 p.m. Hawaii time Monday over northern Sudan. A colleague compared the asteroid, called 2008 TC3, with the size of a Volkswagen, he said."
These hit the upper atmosphere all the time but there is always the possibility that a really big one could be coming our way and it's…