Friday, March 27, 2009

Technorati Update: Publishing content on Technorati and cameras for bloggers

Technorati members:

Every week we're adding new features, product fixes, and opportunities
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Here is some of what's been going on:
South by Southwest – Sony Webbie HD camera giveaway
In partnership with Sony, we invited bloggers covering the SXSW event
to enter to receive one of 10 Sony cameras to upload photos and videos
from the event.
If you're interested in participating in programs like this, keep an
eye on Technorati's blog and Twitter.

Publishing original content on
We've created lots of opportunities for you to appear on – and you can auto-tweet every piece of content you post.

Tag articles
Any blogger can post original tag articles on Technorati tag pages.
Tag pages compile content from the blogosphere (posts, photos, videos,
blogs) around any tag. Tag articles give you writer credit, link back
to your blog, and can include links to any other references you
choose. Contribute a tag article, via Blogcritics

Think of these as comments – with benefits – that link back to your
Technorati profile. You can publish your blurbs directly on any
Technorati post or tag page.

Blog reviews
We've given you 1000 words to write about the about the blogs that
interest you most. You can publish your reviews directly on any blog's
information page.

We've rolled out a new crawler and cleared massive amounts of spam
from the Technorati Index

We'll continue to post all of our updates and more ways to get
involved on Twitter and the Technorati blog so follow us there and
please don't hesitate to reach out.

The Team at Technorati