Sunday, November 18, 2007

Terrorist's still targeting airlines

While it's been a while since the 9-11 attacks, it appears that the jihadists are still trying to penetrate our airline security. It doesn't receive a great deal of press but there have been repeated "dry-runs" that the TSA have reported and have been acknowledged by the White House. Number 177 is interesting and was recently published on PatDollard's website. I wonder why they have not gone after a less guarded set of targets and remain absessed with commercial airliners. Perhaps the spectacular nature of their prior success. Regardless.....they don't seem to have stopped trying.

Suspicious Activity On board Flight to Milwaukee

On 24 October 2007, crew members aboard a Reagan-Washington National to Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport flight reported to a Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) flying in non-mission status that they noticed suspicious behavior by four passengers.

One of the subjects entered and exited the rear aircraft lavatory three times and failed to comply with crewmembers’ verbal instructions. The FFDO seated himself near this subject to observe his behavior. Shortly afterward, two more of the subjects moved into the aisles and entered both lavatories. After one of the subjects vacated the rear left lavatory, the FFDO searched it, noting that the mirror above the sink was not properly latched.

He exited the lavatory and a fourth subject was waiting second in line with a passenger in front of him. The FFDO offered the fourth subject access to the right lavatory, but the subject declined, claiming the right lavatory was dirty.The FFDO noted the right lavatory was clean, and the subject reluctantly entered the right lavatory and remained there for an extended period of time.

TSA Office of Intelligence Comment: Although there is no information that the aircraft was being specifically targeted for a future terrorist attack, the actions of the four passengers are highly suspicious. FFDO confirmation of possible tampering of the lavatory mirror in one of the lavatories could be indicative of an attempt to locate concealment areas for smuggling criminal contraband or terrorist materials. In this case, it appears the left lavatory was the sole area of interest for the passengers. One subject’s excuse that the right lavatory was dirty when it was confirmed to be clean shows the four passengers had a specific, operational objective. Although unconfirmed at this time, this incident has many of the elements of pre-operational terrorist planning.

Source: TSA Suspicious Incidents Report #177

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Veterans Day Parade

Every year Jacksonville has a wonderful Veterans day parade and this years was today. We have made a point of taking our kids to each one since they were in strollers . Now I have to take them out of school....all schools were out today EXCEPT Jacksonville Episcopal High School. They get out for almost any possible holiday except for the one that guarantees the freedom to celebrate all of the others. I must say that all of their teachers were in favor of them going so good for them. Jacksonville is a big Navy town and was the birth place of the Blue Angles so there is always a huge Navy and Marine presence in the parade. I always look forward to the few Pearl Harbor survivors that march in their Hawaiian aloha shirts but the numbers get smaller each year. This year there was a Veteran Tuskegee airman and a USS Indianapolis survivor( the ship that carried the atomic bomb to the Pacific that was torpedoed afterwards and many of the sailors were killed by sharks).
WWII veterans are dying at a very rapid rate and soon they will be a memory celebrated on Memorial day, so I try to instill in my children just how important it is to stop and say "Thank you" to the Vets of yesterday as well as the ones risking it all today. Happy Veterans Day.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Worlds tallest horse

The Instapundit has a post up today about The Worlds Tallest Horse. The horse is named Tina and is a large English Shire......and get this .....she is 20 hands tall ( 4" per hand). Thats 6'6" at the withers and a long way to the ground from the saddle. From the Knoxville News-
Tina, the large English Shire who recently became the tallest horse in the world, has now been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Owners Marge and Jim Williams have received the official papers from the organization after Tina was measured last summer for the record at 20 hands (80 inches) at her withers.
I have worked on a lot of tall ones over the years but I bet that one would be a real bugger to pass a stomach tube on.