Monday, November 12, 2007

The Veterans Day Parade

Every year Jacksonville has a wonderful Veterans day parade and this years was today. We have made a point of taking our kids to each one since they were in strollers . Now I have to take them out of school....all schools were out today EXCEPT Jacksonville Episcopal High School. They get out for almost any possible holiday except for the one that guarantees the freedom to celebrate all of the others. I must say that all of their teachers were in favor of them going so good for them. Jacksonville is a big Navy town and was the birth place of the Blue Angles so there is always a huge Navy and Marine presence in the parade. I always look forward to the few Pearl Harbor survivors that march in their Hawaiian aloha shirts but the numbers get smaller each year. This year there was a Veteran Tuskegee airman and a USS Indianapolis survivor( the ship that carried the atomic bomb to the Pacific that was torpedoed afterwards and many of the sailors were killed by sharks).
WWII veterans are dying at a very rapid rate and soon they will be a memory celebrated on Memorial day, so I try to instill in my children just how important it is to stop and say "Thank you" to the Vets of yesterday as well as the ones risking it all today. Happy Veterans Day.

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