Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bird Flu-Update, Vet falls ill

The recent outbreak of the H5N1 flu in Britain has many worried. There is a new twist to the tale. The Government Veterinarian that did the diagnostics on the infected turkeys (160,000 turkeys)
has shown signs of respiratory infection. While it is unlikely that he was infected with the H5N1 since he was wearing full protective gear....it is an odd coincidence. If the results of the current testing shows H5N1 then this outbreak it a major leap for the virus. This would mean a significant mutation allowing much greater infectious capabilities. There are 10 significant mutations that must take to match the Flu pandemic of the early 1900's, at least 3 of these have occurred already.
They are taking significant steps in Europe now, but it is very hard to control the wild bird population. This one is worth watching. In a separate development, cat owners are being advised to keep their pets inside to protect them against bird flu if they live near wetland areas populated by ducks and wild birds.

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