Sunday, November 17, 2013

Look out for the Super bugs

It's been a growing problem for years but it seems that more and more people are becoming aware of the real problem facing society of antibiotic resistance
Take a look at this article from the Independent. Superbugs".In a stark reflection of the seriousness of the threat, England's deputy chief medical officer, Professor John Watson, said: "I am concerned that in 20 years, if I go into hospital for a hip replacement, I could get an infection leading to major complications and possible death, simply because antibiotics no longer work as they do now."
 When you look at how many pharmacy's now offer "Free" antibiotics you can see just how huge this problem is going to become.
  "We try hard not to prescribe, but it's difficult in practice. The patient will be dissatisfied with your consultation, and is likely to vote with their feet, register somewhere else or go to the walk-in centre and get antibiotics from the nurse."

Can you imagine going into the hospital for a joint replacement that causes chronic pain  but is not going to kill you and end up with either an amputation or death from a bacteria that is now resistant to all of our antibiotics.

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