Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Austrailian Veterinarian dies from Hendra Virus

Australian Veterinarian Alistair Rodgers died after being infected with the Hendra virus he contracted after working on an infected filly. The Hendra virus, formally called Equine Morbillivirus is a parmyxovirus and is thought to be carried by flying foxes (bats of the genus Pteropus) found in Australia.This has popped up several times in Austrailia and is a very bad bug to get. As with most viruses, we have few antiviral options and those (tamiflu) are not very effective.
Heres what they said in the Australian

QUEENSLAND vet Alister Rodgers lost his battle with the lethal Hendra virus overnight, dying after two weeks in a coma.

Vet dies from Hendra virus
Alister Rodgers fell ill after coming into contact with a horse that was carrying the deadly hendra virus.

State Health Minister Paul Lucas today sent his deepest sympathies to Dr Rodgers' widow, Linda, and children Courtney and Duncan.

“This is a terrible tragedy for his family and they are being supported by the staff of Princess Alexandra Hospital,” Mr Lucas told Parliament this morning.

“They've requested privacy and I would ask that people respect this at this time.”

Dr Rodgers, of the Rockhampton Veterinary Clinic, was infected with the virus when he treated a sick filly - thought at the time to be suffering from snakebite - at the J4S stud in central Queensland on July 28.

Despite an experimental treatment with anti-viral drugs, he fell into a coma three weeks later.

The Australian Veterinary Association today paid tribute to Dr Rodgers.

“We extend the sympathy of veterinarians around the country to Alister's family, friends and workmates,” AVA president Mark Lawrie said.

“Unfortunately this problem is not going to go away.

I dont recall that it was a problem when I was there and I'm glad we dont have it here.

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