Monday, March 31, 2008

FITNA- the 15 min film that has the Islamists raging again

This is a short film produced by a Dutch politician named Geert Wilders. In it he uses the Quran and video clips of the extremists that perpetrate this global jihad. I must warn you that it is quite shocking. His point appears to be that someone in the Muslim world needs to step forward and propose a reformation where the violent passages are removed. I have over the last year read the Quran ( it' s really not long, just hard to read) many of the stories are similar to Old Testiment Bible stories. What is missing is the concept of Grace and forgiveness. The Netherlands ,specifically and Europe in general, is seeing a great deal of Islamic violence, using free speech and democracy against them. This film has caused outrage among the religion of perpetual outrage and forced Live Leak ( Europes You Tube) to pull it down, even getting condemnation from the UN Secretary General. Watch it for yourself and make up your own mind. Listening to many of these Imams speak in there own words might open some eyes to just what they are preaching.

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