Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bute Toxicity follow-up (Right Dorsal Colitis)

This is just a follow up on a previous post about "bute toxicity". The horse that received 60 grams of bute by mistake was finally put down. It is a very sad story but it highlights the need to be constantly aware of exactly what medications you are giving your horse......make sure you know what you are are giving,how much to give and what problems can occur. Once the drugs are in you cant get them out. Here is a sonogram I did the other night on this horse and it is far
and away the worst Right Dorsal Colitis I have ever seen. The ulcered area was over 3 feet long. Can you imagine how painful a 3 foot long ulcer would be. Additionally, typical anti-ulcer medications don't reach this part of the bowel very effectively so there is little that can be done.
The liver is to the right and the RDC is to the left, the measured area is the colon wall that should only be 3mm thick. You can see how swollen it is.
Double click on the image to enlarge.

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