Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Students sniff odors for science

I think I could really increase my "gross" income if I can get into this project.
This from Purdue University "here".
Some college students will do anything for extra cash, even if it means sniffing livestock excrement.Students at Purdue University in Indiana can earn $30 per session to inhale and then rate whiffs of air collected from barns filled with hogs, cows and chickens. It's a science experiment conducted by a professor of agricultural and biological engineering.He's searching for ways to improve methods for estimating a given livestock farm's odor emissions."
They are going to sniff different barns trying to determine how far away you need to be so you don't smell it. It is supposed to help determine how far away you should build housing developments. I think I can lend some expertise here.....don't Mooooooove to where the cows are, simple enough. It's like the people that buy a house next to the airport and wake up one morning and have that moment of clarity and realize planes make alot of noise. Well, guess what.....cows make alot of crap.....a really large amount of it....24/7.....365 and there gas too. The way they build houses so close together now you can pass gas and your neighbor giggles. I bet if you look close enough there is Federal funding for this project. Thats what really smells.

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