Sunday, July 29, 2007

Two new custom surfboards

A long time ago....I won't elaborate, I made my own surfboard. I mentioned this to my kids and they said we should do it again. I've had two Clark long board blanks in my garage for over 2 years and each year I resolved to shape them and for 2 years I got boo's on New Years day for not doing it. This spring I started doing one of them and took my time. After about 2 weeks of on and off shaping I had finished a 8'0'' longboard for my youngest daughter Polly. I then went after the other blank with a vengeance. In one night I shaped a 9'0'' noserider for my oldest daughter Sarah. Since they really turned out well I took them down to Drew at Inspired Surfboards and had him fiberglass them with Epoxy for me. He did a superb job and even put down the Hawaiian print fabric for me. I picked them up last Friday and headed to the beach and naturally it was surf but we stayed thru the weekend. On Sunday just after lunch the surf started to break on the outside sandbar and the kids were able to hit it. They had a blast catching just about every swell that came through. Mac, my youngest was riding my old short board and said he wanted to make one like that.....until he rode Sarah's 9-0. Mac was flying into every helps to only weigh about 50lbs. All in all it was a great time out, now I have to start on boards for the boys.

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