Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Smeato" Have you heard of this Scottish phenom

Last week when Islamofascist's rammed a burning Jeep bomb into the Glasgow airport terminal there was an airport baggage handler there who is now something of a National hero. His name is John Smeaton, the blogosphere has dubbed him "Smeato" and his face is all over t-shirts with his face on Rocky, Superman, Shaft, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Braveheart. One even has a picture of Bin Laden saying " You didn't tell us John Smeaton worked on Saturdays" " He is the guy you saw giving interviews after the attack as he ran after the burning terrorist who was swinging at the cops and decked him with a kick. His message to terrorists is classic Scot " You come to Glasgow, we don't stand for it, We'll just put aboot ye" (translation: We'll kick your ass). A programmer has set up a website and people are donating money to "buy John a pint" . He now has enough to buy 1000 at the airport bar but has yet to show up " I prefer whiskey" he said. Heres a link to one of his YouTube videos. Smeato has even inspired poetry in the Robert Burns style.
" Twas doon by the inch o' Abbots
Oor Johnny walked one day
When he saw a sicht that troubled him
Far more than he could say...
Now tht's no richt wur Johnny cried
And sailed to the fray
A left hook and a heid butt
Required tae save the day
Now listen up Bin Laden
Yir sort's nae wanted here
For imported English radicals
Us Scoatsman huv nae fear"

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