Saturday, June 30, 2007

Terrorism.....Just a bumper sticker slogan? I don't think so.

In case anyone has forgotten, there are still a lot of Jihadists out there that want to kill people. There was a report/video several weeks ago of Terrorists "graduating" from terrorist school and were being sent to Europe and the United States......I don't think it was for post doc study. Now we have 2 car bombs found in London ( during Wimbledon) and today a car bomb driven into the terminal in Glasgow Scotland . Not long ago during the debates for the upcoming Presidential elections candidate John Edwards said " the War on Terrorism was just a bumper sticker slogan"
yea-right. NEW YORK — Democratic White House hopeful John Edwards, in a major foreign policy speech Wednesday, minimized the Bush administration's War on Terror as nothing more than a "bumper sticker slogan" used to justify the war in Iraq and "bludgeon political opponents."

Power-line is now reporting "

Meanwhile, the Scotsman says the authorities are looking for a missing Iraqi:

Police say they are looking for an Iraqi who went on the run from a control order only 11 days before yesterday's failed bombing attempts. The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, is part of a six-strong cell linked to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

He went missing on 18 June in north-west England, and his whereabouts are unknown.

This will no doubt heighten the controversy over "absconders," terror suspects who are basically told by the authorities not to disappear, but who, unsurprisingly, often do so, much like illegal immigrants in the U.S. who are ticketed and told to show up for a hearing. Treating illegals this way is bad enough; treating terror suspects in such a cavalier manner is incomprehensible. Presumably the system will be tightened up following this near-miss.

Our polical process has morphed into a us-vs-them mentality where if your party of preference is out of power, then the other party can do nothing right and has to lose, no matter what. We as a country would have never won WWII with this mentality. There are those that want to do us, our children and our freedoms serious harm. They don't give a rats ass if you are Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent , Socialist, Communist or Libertarian. Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Atheist. Those that attacked us on 9-11 are the same that attacked us in Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the WTC the 1st time in 1995. They are in Bali, Philippines, Spain, Italy, France, London and even in Glasgow Scotland. I truely wish we could be united on this one subject.


cxx_guy said...

And yet we waste our blood and treasure trying to build democracies for such people.

Let 'em rot.

If there's an attack, bomb, then leave. There is no reason not to leave our enemies bloodied and broken.

And it wouldn't hurt if we attacked countries that were involved, rather than countries like Iraq, which were not. (at least in 9/11. There are probably Iraqi terrorists now ...)

Dr. Alan Weldon said...

While I like the thought of the "bomb and leave" philosophy, I think with the Jihadists it is almost impossible to target the home country.I think we are on the same page as to Libertarianism, however my difference of opinion with them is that I think the movers and shakers in the party are weak on National security. I don't think they will leave us alone if we leave them alone. Is the answer more Democratic countries in that region? I don't know, but what we have done in the past certainly hasn't worked. There is a good article in the WSJ from Friday about discontent in the US junior officer corp with the General leadership. It appears the Gen. Patraeus appointment may be the move that was needed, similar to the U.S. Grant appointment during the Civil War at a point of stagnation and discontent among those fighting the war. Thanks for your comments and opinions.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Weldon, I understand what you are saying but I believe you are missing the point. Edwards' "bumper sticker" comment refers to the utilization of "war on terrorism" by the past 4 administrations as a means to garner support from an ambiguous concept. From Reagan's "war on terror" in Central America during the 80's, to the "war on drugs" of the 80s/90s, to the current GWOT now; these ideas get us nowhere. Nebulus or far too grand of ideas produce nebulus strategies. And nebulus strategies produce operational defeats. Of course there are still thousands of Jihadis out there wanting to kill us. Terror will always be here. Its our job to determine SPECIFIC objectives and not abuse "bumper sticker" sloganeering in order to push forth other foreign policy goals.

Dr. Alan Weldon said...

I have to admit that I never liked the GWOT name but Edwards is a boob trying to be glib. Nobody addresses the real threat or uses the correct name. Terrorism is a tactic like Kamikaze was a tactic. The War is against Islamic Jihadists....period. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, the Philippines, Indonesia, West Africa, South America, and its not new. Magellan was killed by Islamists, Jefferson sent the Navy and Marines against them in Libya. They have always been at war with us and we have not been at war with them ( like the 911 commission said) I don't know the answer but it sure isn't sitting at home waiting for them to punch us in the mouth again.