Thursday, June 21, 2007

How to piss off a Jihadist- 101

Just when I was beginning to think everyone in Europe had lost their spine....along comes this gem.
Salman Rushdie ( remember him) the Indian writer that wrote "the Satanic Verses" and had a Fatwa written by the Ayatollah calling upon all peace loving Muslims to , of course......kill him. Well it turns out that the Queen of England must clank when she walks because she just Knighted him. Talk about a finger in the eye of the Iranians. You don't think this could have anything to do with the recent capture and humiliation of British sailors, do you? This is classic British humor, seeing as how the hated crusaders were after all.....knights. The down side to this is that those same peace loving Muslims will no doubt start to riot like they did when they didn't like the Danish cartoons.
Setting fire to cars in France and marching with all of those wonderful loving signs.

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