Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's a small world.....some perspective

Someone just sent me some very interesting photos showing the size of the Earth compared to other planets , the Sun and other known stars. Sometimes we really think that we are the center of the Universe and that the Earth is soooooo BIG. When looked at this way it puts things into the proper perspective. In the 1970's we worried that there would be a new ice age, Global cooling. Now it's Global warming and how we are heating up the planet with CO2. We really are an arrogant species.When you look at how large the sun is you can see just how much of an impact even a small change in solar output can have on our climate. Looking at the images from the Hubble telescope really can make one feel small and just how awesome our creator is. This shot is from one of the darkest regions that was seen. Some of the Hubble images are incredibly dense and bright, packed with stars like Antares and Betelgeuse that dwarf our precious Sun. When looked at this small we become.

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