Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gators National Champions

I had the opportunity to go to Phoenix for the National Championship game. I flew out that Monday non-stop to LA then over to Phoenix by 1:30. My friends had rented the biggest limo I have ever seen and it picked me up at the airport. After picking up everybody we went to the game. I have to say the OSU fans were friendly but unbelievably over confident. I heard over and over how the Gators didn't deserve to be there. I just said "they're awfully fast". The place went nuts after the Buckeyes returned the opening kickoff....I said " #$@%". Then we scored on the three next possessions....I said "they're awfully fast". The OSU fans went from the stratospheric heights of jubilation to the absolute pit of dispare. I saw people crying around me as the beating continued. Florida was flawless and none of them saw it coming. It was indeed a great time to be a Gator. I was with my Dad in 1995 when we played Nebraska for the National Title in Phoenix. There was a different outcome then. We spent the next day at the Grand canyon .....incredible.
We went to a local tribe and did a helicopter tour of the canyon. I taught the local shaman a new dance.......The Gator Chomp.

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stevovet said...

I too went to the national championship games in Phoenix, both in '95 and again last year. '07 was much better, the gators won and none of my reveered and respected profs died (RIP Dr. G, who, by the way, interviewed me way back in '82 and I'm sure was instrumental in my getting admitted to vet school bc. I said I wanted another 4 years in Gville to see a championship). Scuse me , I digress. Anyway, it was a day to remember forever and Dr. W and I tried to hook up but I'm not classy enough for limos. No, I prefer the back of a beat up ole 1/4 ton blue toyota pick up with the wind russlin' through what's left of my hair. Hopefuuly we'll rendevous in HogTown when I bring my fanatical with a capitol F ten year old with me to watch us roast some war eagle Spt 29. Peace. Dr. S out.