Monday, January 29, 2007

Barbaro , My Radio interview today on the Block Party

I'm sure everyone knows by now that Barbaro was euthanized today. Oddly enough, it was about 15 minutes after I discussed the issue with Joe Block on the Weekend Block Party on 1010 AM shortly after noon. Joe and I had tried to do this a week or so ago but I couldn't get free. Joe's point has been why go so far with a horse. In almost every case horse's with injuries such as this are euthanized at the track. He feels that the owners are pushing to do everything possible so they can get a financial boon should he make it to the breeding shed. I have been around alot of race horse owners, (some nice,some not very nice,) but I have to say that in my experience, they all cared deeply about the welfare of the horse. Frequently decisions had to be made do to finances, usually requiring the cessation of treatment. In every case nobody walked away thinking about $$$$$. Joe did a great deal of research and was well prepared, however, I think he was playing up the role of the antagonist for the show. To be honest, many of the outpourings of emotion and cards from all over the world may be a little over the top, but who am I to say. I had a great time talking with them, and for anyone who knows me, I'm never short on words or opinions. I may have even changed some minds. today.Barbaro was an incredible athlete, a freak of nature that could generate enough force to shatter his ankle just by pushing off. Did they go to far in trying to treat him? In my It wasn't that long ago that all horses with broken bones were put down, then we started trying ways of plating that eventually worked. Colic surgery is now routine. People don't die from this type of injury......we just have to find better ways to repair these fractures and to support the horses weight so as to prevent laminitis. We will never get to this point if we fail to try.

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