Friday, March 31, 2006

Foal watching online

Many of our clients now use wireless video camera systems to monitor their foaling mares ( sure beats sitting by the stall late at night). With recent advances in computer wireless technology , you can put your camera feed on the internet and have someone else watch it for you. I have heard rumors that there are fee for service sites but I haven't found them yet ( any entrepreneurs out there that want to start one?) . The equipment is fairly inexpensive ~$200- $400 but you will need a DSL or cable internet hookup for a high speed connection.There are several sites that will help you host your web camera feed and there are even sites dedicated to those that just like to watch for the fun of it. "Foalnet"
This site is set up so that you can get an alert whenever a mare starts to foal...turn up the volume on your computer. There seems to be quite a following of foalings on the internet and people just like to watch them. Even if you don't want to web-cast it would still be a good idea to have the feed on your TV or laptop so you don't have to go outside all night or even worse leave them unattended. I realize that they have been doing this by themselves for a really long time, but waiting 11 months and puting the funds into breeding costs and mare care is a big investment. Trust me, you want to watch over it. I see several foals found dead each year because they were not observed and the mare had trouble with the delivery. Nothing beats a good pair of eyes.

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