Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rex the Dog

Gone this weekend to NY and was unable to update this blog , had to put in some culture time with the Horse Daughter for her 15th birthday.
For those that missed the State of the Union address last night, there was a memorable site and story. Laura Bush had a Dog seated with her ( and NO it wasn't a Marine). It was Rex, a 5 year old German Shepperd bomb sniffer and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His owner, Air Force Tech Sgt. Jamie Dana was injured by an IED (Improvised explosive device....AKA-road side bomb) and awoke in the Hospital crying for her dog. She was told the dog had been killed in the blast. After surgery she was informed that Rex actually survived but since she was being reassigned she couldn't take Rex with her. The Government had $18,000 invested in training and Rex would have to remain and serve 5 more years. However, an act of Congress by Dana's congressman, Rep. John Peterson, R-Pa. slipped into a Defence bill transfered Rex to Sgt. Dana and they are now in her home state of pennsylvania.
This is a great story and I wish all the best for them both.

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