Friday, February 03, 2006

The real precursor to the "shoe bomber"

For those that are paying attention there is a World-wide violent protest by peace loving Muslims over the publication of cartoons by a Danish newspaper. (Forgive me but I don't recall world-wide violent protests over the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit of a crucifix in a jar of urine.) The one that is causing most of the fuss is one of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. Michelle Malkin has the rest of the photo's. It appears this is particularly offensive since nobody can produce pictures of Muhammad as they might be worshipped and that would be idolatry. Note that they aren't upset with the bomb in the turban idea " Allah akbar, Mustaffa ,we should have thought of that, instead of that stupid shoe bomb idea, now we look like that foolish infidel Maxwell Smart".
Now we have Muslim clerics calling for the beheading of Europeans ( I wonder if they include the French in that),
this could pose a unique problem since 25% of Europe is now Muslim. Come to think of it that hasn't stopped them in the past. Some of these photos are very revealing and can be found at Michelle ,
the one that gets me is the one that says "prepare for the real holocaust". I guess we will now see world-wide violent Jewish protests.....somehow I doubt it. The picture below is a photo-shopped version of one on MM's site, you really don't have to photo-shop them to get the point...."you're 9-11 is on the way" really says it all.

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