Thursday, December 08, 2005

Awesome Christmas Display

I've seen alot of "Grizwalds" over the years but this is without a doubt the absolute best. Whoever this is has way to much time and is clearly a techie. To keep the neighbors from going nuts the music is played on a low power radio transmitter and you tune to the frequency in your car. Turn the sound up on your computer and listen to the "Trans Siberian Orchestra".....this is cool.
Theres nothing quite like bright flashing lights that makes one harken back to a simpler time and place.....NOT.

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Anonymous said...

there's a song by STYX to describe the entire site. know what it is?
"Too Much Time on My Hands".

Actually nice blog but I'm too busy planning my next vet hospital; just got my variance for a kennle from the city last night so we're odd to the races (I, what's this we shit, Kay is not in this picture)

which reminds me, I need to upload more songs onto my Ipod. You do have one of those now don't you Alan? Best invention since thong underwear.

Steve out