Saturday, July 04, 2015

Google University Graduates

For many years I like many other scientists have had to deal with the newly minted Google graduates.
Don't get me wrong, the massive amounts of data that is available now at the touch of a button is nothing less that astounding. Google can be a powerful tool much like PubMed when searching for scientific articles but there is a drawback....just because someone publishes it (book,journal,lecture,blog post,twitter) doesnt make it true. We all still suffer somewhat with our early educational training in school where what we read and were told was known to be true. Now when you read something there is still that default position that "it must be true" as opposed to being a healthy skeptic and asking " can that be true". This leads me into the current internet/and public media battle over "The Food Babe" and her campaign against "Toxins".Image result for the food babe Dont get me wrong here....I'm a firm believer that as a society we are eating the wrong stuff. We now consume a diet heavily tilted towards refined carbohydrates and wage war on saturated fat. This is the opposite of what we should be eating. I personally avoid grain based products and eat lots of meats,fats and  vegetables....mostly what would fall I guess in a Paleo approach to eating. Term it how you wish ,it just feels normal to me. I am concerned about the use of GMO in our food supply for one main reason. Making your product resistant to a herbicide so you can spray your food supply with more herbicide just doesnt seem right to me. It is a brilliant scientific development as well as a great business innovation, but Im not comfortable ingesting herbicides.....even if at "safe" levels. The Food Babe has taken it upon herself to be the gatekeeper for scientific knowledge for a large number of people who follow her blog and book. If the gatekeeper gets it wrong.....then many are set on the wrong path because they have been misinformed. The Food Babe has weighed into the vaccine debate as one of the now growing "Anti-vaxer" community which I fear can lead to a resurgence in diseases we currently have the upper hand on. Looking at what she has written I have problems across the board with statements and conclusions that are drawn and apparently I'm not alone . here is a link someone else who has problems.The Food Babe is full of $%!T

Also here is a link to theImage result for the food babe
  Food Babe website with caution.

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