Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hendra Virus

There has been a serious viral problem in Australia since 1994 but now there is a new problem occurring. There is an anti-vaccination movement that is causing many many problems. Heres a link to a recent article forwarded from a friend in Oz about the problem.

The virus is a flu like disease that can also cause neurologic signs and is highly fatal. It can be spread from horse to humans as well which makes this a serious public health concern for those in the Equine industry ...including Veterinarians. There is a vaccine available but it is expensive and many think that it is unnesessary and as a consequence are putting their horses ,themselves and their Veterinarian at risk. While Hendra isnt a problem in the US it highlights the "anti-vaxer" movements here as well. While we always needs to shine the bright light of scientific rigor on anything we give to our animals and ourselves, we also have to accept the data that disproves certain fears. This point is aimed at the so called link between autism and vaccines. There is NO evidence to even suggest that this exhists. There is however some interesting data emerging suggesting a link between autism and several other diseases and an altered GI microbiome. How this occurs is multifactorial but antibiotic use,C-section delivery and certain pesticides are current targets.

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