Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cumberland Island Ga. ( maybe the last time)

Most of the private homes on Cumberland are now the property of the US Federal Govt via eminent domain. The house we have been renting and the one we spent part of our honeymoon in
"Nancy's Fancy" is now officially gone. The Government took it this month. We were fortunate to be the last family to stay in it as my sister in law was buying the large kitchen table and taking it back....we were able to stay for a week. My in laws lost their house to the Feds in 1980 but some families were able to make deals and get another 30 years. Never underestimate the power of Washington DC. The older I get the more Libertarian I become....why is Government the largest land owner in the country? anyway , here are some pics of this wonderful place.


cpschuelke said...

I was fortunate enought to stay many weeks at Nancy's Fancy over the years & they were 'gloriful'!
My daughter & I spent 5 days at The Greyfield last summer & we had to visit Nancy's Fancy. It was all spruced up & beautiful, just like we remembered it (even tho she was 2, 4 & 8 when she visited), she has vivid memories of how lovely a time we had when we were there.

Perhaps, we Nancy's Fancy 'alums' can 'torture' the National Park Serviceto allow us to rent again.

I am in, if anyone would like to participate in a partition.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Alan Weldon said...

We have been fortunate to rent one of. The last personal residences left on the island for the year. I saw nan ya fancy two weeks ago and the power is off and it's deserted. The plan is to have it torn down.

Anonymous said...

My question is, what good does it do to tear down Nancy's Fancy? It is a landmark on Cumberland Island where the book, 'Palandrome' was fashioned on.
Is the National Park Service gaining any money? I don't think so.
So why not let it be an Inn that the Park Service can rent out to the public on a reservation basis?
Just aski'n....