Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There is no such thing as West Nile Virus...What an IDIOT

Here is an interesting ....wrong word....idiotic article that was recently published called "There is no such thing as West Nile Virus" . The AAEP sage Dr David Ramey found this and posted it on the AAEP list serve. The author" Ramiel Nagel is an alternative medicine author devoting his time towards helping free the world of disease consciousness." It seems Mr Nagel is a full on member of the Tin foil hat society and black helicopter conspiracy group equating West Nile Virus with the easter bunny and santa Claus.....and all caused by evil drug/pesticide companies. "Pesticide manufacturers, pharmaceutical giants, the U.S. government, industry scientists, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), State and County government agencies believe in their own fairy tales. But they find those children's stories too boring and too happy. They wanted something dark and sinister. So they rewrote the fairytale and thought of some scary name that evokes fear of the unknown: "West Nile Virus". As Dr ramey points out.....just what was it that was killing all of those horses. Nagel is of the opinion that all disease is cause by environmental sources and not by "germs". While there are diseases caused by environment toxins to be sure, but to say that bacteria and viruses are not pathogenic is positively medieval in thinking. He even thinks that viruses have not been identified "West Nile Virus is not the only virus to never have been truly isolated. HIV, the virus believed to cause AIDS, also does not exist." There have been many electron microscopic images taken of pathogenic viruses over the years...here are two photos. His argument is that these bugs just show up after the body has been damaged by diet or environmental sources.....what a coincidence. If you can inject WNV into an animal and the animal develops the disease...well.....I guess to us stupid scientists that would be a clue. Here I go again...being a heretic and blasphemer.....I can't wait to hear from all of those Holistic, 3rd world medicine, flat earth society types...I can hear it now..."Burn him, Liar..unbeliever". As I have said over and over...it have to be evidence based and follow the scientific method. Oh and for Mr Nagel's daughter...brush your teeth, it's the Strep that's causing your cavities. Tell this guy there is no West Nile Virus


Stacey Kimmel-Smith said...

I totally get that this guy is of the foil hat variety -- but you know, I'm sometimes surprised. One of the vets at New Bolton told me that there are many in their "practice" that have concluded that horses don't get Lyme disease. I understand why this is more debatable than, say, the existence of a virus. But every other horse I know of in Eastern PA has been diagnosed with Lyme at some point.

Dr. Alan Weldon said...

It's not uncommom for horses to test positive for Lyme disease, it simply means they were exposed and have a dectectable antibody response. They may have never developed clinical disease, but many lameness or behavioral problems are blamed on Lyme disease....and if you test for it and it's positive they assume that was the cause when it may not have been. To prove an active infection you must demonstrate at least a 4 fold increase in the antibody titer several days apart. In research cases where horses were innoculated with Borellia...clinical disease was not produced making one wonder if Lyme disease occurs as a clinical disease in the horse unlike other species.