Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gasoline prices.......Politicians won't drill even if Gas hits $10

I came across this video that is absolutely shocking from C-SPAN. I'm sure the high gas prices are hurting everyone, but I can tell you first hand that it is brutal for Equine Veterinarians. With four Vets driving into 5 counties the fuel costs are staggering and forcing us to increase our trip charges.
I find it odd that we are virtually the only country that so restricts the amount of domestic energy production. We complain about electrical shortages in California, yet they have not built a new power plant in over 20 years. We complain about high gas prices but haven't built a new refinery in over 30 years and currently are at maximum production. Each year we import more of our energy and transfer more and more of our wealth to other countries. I don't know if the final answer is increased coal production (we have 27% of the worlds coal deposits), nuclear, wind,solar, hydrogen
our geothermal....but I think we need an "ALL OF THE ABOVE " approach for now. Over the next decades the correct technology will emerge the winner, but we can't wait around for it and we sure can't have some politician try to pick the correct one. Start drilling NOW and watch as the price comes down from decreased's down $25 /barrel since the presidential veto on off shore drilling was lifted. Congress needs to do the same.
Watch this video and you will see how deeply entrenched the Democrat party is in their opposition to new oil exploration. It will really piss you off.

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