Saturday, April 26, 2008

Exoskeleton-this is wild

Watch this video, it will blow your mind. While this is being developed for the military(a lot of scientific advances are) it could have huge implications in medicine. Imagine taking those with spinal injuries, ALS, MS and severe arthritis and being able to walk and function with only minimal exertion. I have to admit I had flashbacks to Robo-cop and darth Vader but it is truly amazing.
I'm sure the expense is astronomical but like much of technology the price will come down as the product comes on line and more advances are made. Think about the implications for Equine medicine in generations to come where the lame horse or laminitic horse could move about effortlessly. I don't think we will be around to see it but we can surely see it coming.

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KD said...

Now that is way cool! Visions of Ripley from Aliens using her "loader" or the alien in the movie Predator. Should have known it really existed.