Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Horse dies after getting stuck in mud

A 33 year old horse died this week near St Augustine after getting loose and falling into a retention pond. It appears the horse " Bunk"was in the pond for awhile and became stuck up to his chest in the mud. The owner June McDonald found him the next morning and while trying to help him up the steep bank...became stuck herself. St Johns Fire/Rescue was able to free Ms. McDonald and then worked on getting Bunk out. It required a dozen rescuers to pull him free, however Bunk was apparently very debilitated by the stress and combined with his age he was unable to rise. After several attempts he collapsed and died.
We always hear how dangerous open retention ponds are for kids, it can be just as dangerous for horse, particularly old ones that are weaker. A steep slick side can be almost impossible for them to climb. Not a good way to go.

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