Monday, July 10, 2006

Hurricane Check List

The Hurricane/Disaster Preparation Seminar this past weekend was a real success with almost 100 people registered. Chris and Dale Dunn did a wonderful job organizing the event and the array of speakers was exceptional. I wanted to post the Hurricane check-list so you can use it or modify it to your needs. It was pointed out that we need to think about all potential needs for evacuation and not just Hurricane, such as wild fires, train derailments , earthquakes and get ready.

Hurricane Check List

q Check and repair fences

q Clear trees and limbs

q Remove debris

q Store jumps/tables/chairs

q Examine barn for loose shingles/debris

q Move trucks and trailers into large pasture

q Spare fuel, store in trailer or stall, four 5 gallon cans

q Get tie downs for trucks and trailers

q Store feed-7 day supply-in water proof containers

q Store hay under tarps in a stall off the ground

q Water-15-20 gal/horse/day (fill up boats and troughs) Bleach –8 drops/gallon

q Hand pump for well

q Generator 4 hp or higher (5000 watt)

q Extension cords

q Tools- hammers/nails

- Fencing materials –field fence (no barbed wire) and posts

- Chainsaw-extra chain

- Ropes and tow cable

- Ladder

- Wire cutters and pry bar

- Rolls of black plastic and staple gun

- Flood lights- work light and car plug in type (1 million candle power)

- Waders or snake boots

q Extra halters and lead ropes (in plastic storage bin)

q Medical supplies

- Bandage materials (sheet cotton, gauze, telfa pads, vet wrap, duct tape)

- Wound medications (betadine scrub, nolvasan ointment, triple antibiotic)

- Anti-inflammatory meds- Banamine, Bute

- Sedatives- Acepromazine, rompun

- Antibiotics- SMZ tablets

- Insect repellant

- Syringes and needles

Personal supplies

-Canned food or MRE’s

-Water-freeze 2 liter bottles (can use to keep your fridge cool)

-Generator and extension cords

-Gas grill

-Small cheap A/C unit ($ 100) store in closet

-Cash- with power out ATM’s and banks won’t be open

-Fire arms (if you have a generator everyone will know) significant looting after Andrew and Katrina

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Anonymous said...

I love this. Great information and very detailed. I like to get info from lots of different writers because each brings something unique and useful. I found this list to be very good as well: Knowledge is power!